Driving France Shop

Our Driving France Shop is here to help you find all of the things you may need when driving in France and the rest of Europe.

As we’ve stated previously, when driving in France and the rest of Europe there are a number of compulsory items you must carry in your car. The items that are compulsory do depend upon the particular country you are visiting and our shop will give you a range of different items that are either useful to have or necessary to have for your trip.

Compulsory items required for a trip to France include Headlamp Converters/adaptors, a Warning Triangle, Spare Bulbs for your vehicle, a hi vis vest or jacket (we recommend one for each occupant), a GB sticker or magnet, NF approved breathalysers and snow chains depending upon weather and where you are driving.

Our useful list of items also include a first aid kit and fire extinguisher as anyone coming upon an accident is required to assist where possible and also a satellite navigation device or French Road Map. One important thing to remember about the sat nav is that you MUST be able to turn off the speed camera detector as it is illegal to have this switched on in France and you will receive massive fines for not doing so!

To make things easier for you we’ve set up a shop where you can find the required items. We’ve also included all in one European travel kits allowing you to get all the items in one handy travel pack to make things a little easier.

Please remember that failure to carry the compulsory items may end up in you receiving on the spot fines so please take a look at our Driving in France Shop and find out more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column][us_grid columns=”4″ orderby=”menu_order title” post_type=”product” items_layout=”shop_standard” items_gap=”1.2rem” items_quantity=”12″ taxonomy_product_cat=”miscellaneous”][/vc_column][/vc_row]