European Breakdown Cover

European Breakdown Cover

European Breakdown Cover is something that we’d always recommend. A policy to cover your vehicle if you breakdown in a foreign country is worth its weight in gold.

There are a whole range of different breakdown polices available which vary considerably from company to company.

To find out more about what to do if you breakdown in France, visit our page on what to do if you breakdown in France.

Breakdown recovery in France is very similar as in the UK apart from one major difference. In the UK recovery companies such as the AA and RAC will happily recover you from motorways. However in France they do not have this option. Autoroutes in France are run by companies therefore breakdown agents are not permitted to recover from them. Instead you must use the roadside phone and recovery will be arranged by the Autoroute company. You will then be charged for this with the rate dependent upon the time of day.

Although policies vary the purpose is the same. If you breakdown in France your vehicle will be either fixed at the roadside or taken to a nearby garage where it can be fixed.

Some policies also help cover the cost of labour, parts and a replacement vehicle. Therefore choosing the right policy to meet your needs is extremely important.

Why Buy European Breakdown Cover

Purchasing European Breakdown Cover for your trip to France is of course a decision that only you can make.

However a dedicated European breakdown policy will either get you back on the road, home or to a garage.

We can only recommend why it’s a good idea but we’d like to paint a picture for you! Imagine that your car is fully packed and you’ve just landed in France after catching the ferry from Dover to Calais.

You’ve decided to travel down to the Dordogne for a family camping holiday. All of a sudden your car starts to judder and then without notice it stops and you slowly come to a halt. Your car is full, you’ve got two young children in the back, it’s hot and you done speak French fluently.


If you don’t have European Breakdown Cover this is where you start to wish you had! If you’ve been sensible enough to get a policy before you travelled, this is where your preparation is justified.

All you need to do is to call the emergency breakdown telephone number. Most companies provide English speaking operators so you don’t have to struggle with the language barrier. They are trained to find out where you are and to quickly and professionally dispatch a recovery agent to help you.

Breakdown Companies

There are a whole variety of different companies that offer European Breakdown Cover. These include The AA, RAC, Green Flag, Start Rescue but to name a few.

One thing you Must do however is to read the small print! European Breakdown cover is an insurance policy and as such will have specific terms and conditions written into the policy. No two policies are the same and you therefore have to ensure that the level of cover offered by the policy meets your needs including to make sure that the police will cover you for the countries in which you will be driving.

Many of the companies we’ve mentioned are well known rescue companies and have had years of experience in their field. Some policies will seam expensive and others will appear cheap but cheap European Breakdown cover is sometimes as good as the are expensive policies.

If you’re going to France on holiday or any other part of Europe, please make sure that you save yourself some stress, anxiety and hastle by getting a suitable European Breakdown Cover police to meet YOUR needs and requirements.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]