Driving in France Kit

Driving in France kit

Driving in France is very different from the UK, you drive on the opposite side of the road for a start not to mention all the strict guidelines, rules, and regulations that are in place. The one major difference however between driving in the UK and driving in France is the number of different bits and bots you need to carry with you in your vehicle.

Failing to carry many of these items could leave you having to spend some of your hard-earned holiday money on fines that are imposed on the spot along with points and even seizure of your vehicle. in the worst-case scenario.

What is a Driving in France Kit?

A driving in France kit is simply a handy bag or kit that contains all of the items you need for driving in France. These handy kits prevent you from having to carry out research and find the products you need as they all come in the kit.

Now there are a variety of different kits on the market which cater to a range of different scenarios. You’ll also find a whole range of different companies offering different driving in France kits, from Argos and Halfords to the AA and RAC.

Buying a driving in France kit has there distinct advantages. Firstly you’ll be able to get all the items in one go saving you time on research and buying the bits you need. Secondly, you will quite often save money as buying the items all in one go in a kit is often cheaper. Finally, these types of kit often come in handy carry bags or containers which means that instead of having all the items rolling around the boot of your car, they will all be in one place.

What items do I need to carry in when driving France?

  • Reflective Jackets
  • Warning triangle
  • Headlamp beam deflectors
  • Spare bulbs
  • GB Sticker

Reflective Jackets

Reflective Jacket

Note that we have said refective JACKETS. This is because unless you are travelling alone in your vehicle, you must ensure you have a reflective jacket for every occupant, In addition, unlike other items that can be stored in the boot of your vehicle, reflective jackets must be easily accessible so that they can be put on before you exit your vehicle.

Warning Triangle

Warning Triangle

Many modern vehicles come with a warning triangle as standard and you’ll need one if you breakdown or have an accident.

Headlamp Beam Deflectors

Headlight Adaptors

Whether you call the headlamp beam deflectors, headlight converters, or headlight adaptors, you’ll need a set. All three names mean the same. Basically, UK vehicles are made for driving on the left, and as such the headlights point in a certain direction. When driving in countries such as France where you drive on the opposite side, unless you have some form of converter, adaptor, or deflector, your headlights will dazzle other drivers.

Spare Bulbs

Spare Bulb kit

Spare bulbs are a bit of an odd one. Although not something you need to carry, in France you must ensure that your lights are working. If the police stop you because you have a light out and you cannot replace them on the spot then you will be fined accordingly.

GB Sticker

GB Sticker

A GB sticker must be fitter to your vehicle when you drive in France.

The list above covers the bare essentials you need to carry in your vehicle to avoid being fined on the spot by police. There are additional items that are recommended including snow chains that are required in certain regions, a first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher. Some people would say that a fire extinguisher and first aid kits are a must and to be honest, we’d agree.

What French driving Kit should I get?

Driving in France Kit

There are many different kits available depending on what you want to have in it. Buying a kit is much easier than sourcing the items separately.

The Driving in France kit you choose in our opinion should include as a minimum:

GB Sticker
Headlight Beam Converters
Warning Triangle
High Visibility Vest
First Aid Kit
Universal Spare Bulb Set

To make things easier for you we’ve listed a number of driving in France kits in our shop. These will ensure that you have everything you need to prevent you from receiving a fine in France but remember to stick the GB sticker onto your vehicle and fit the headlight converters before you get to France.