Essential Driving Information

The essential driving information part of our website, as it suggests is the portal to all the information you may need to know about when you’re driving in France.

We’ll give you a short overview of each section below but to find out more about each, simply head back up to the menu above or click on one of the links below.

Driving in France Checklist

Our driving in France checklist tells you very simply what the requirements are when driving in France. What you need to take in the form of paperwork and what equipment you need to have in the car!

What to do in event of an accident

Being involved in an accident in France is different to the UK. Firstly, you’re in France and the surroundings may be unfamiliar, secondly you may not be overly fluent in the language. Find out the basic requirements on what you need to do in the event of an accident.

What to do in event of a Breakdown

Similar to being involved in an accident, what do you need to do if you should breakdown. We’ll cover the information you need to know about prior to travel and during a breakdown.

European Breakdown Cover

If you’ve ever broken down in the UK you’ll know how important breakdown cover is. European breakdown cover is even more important to help you enjoy your holiday and ensure you get home safely.

French Driving Laws

In the French driving laws section we’ll cover some of the common laws you may come into contact with when driving in France. From speeding to breathalysers you’ll find some useful information on French laws here.

Driving in France with Children

Discover the in’s and out’s of driving in France with children on board. What are the seatbelt and child seat restrictions in France, find out more!

French Speed Limits

You really need to know what the French speed limits are and what the consequences of speeding are. You may find that pinching a few km/h over the limit may cost you more than just time!

French Road Types

Similar to the UK, there are a variety of different French road types you’re likely to travel on. We won’t go into too much detail but you’ll find a handy overview.

French Toll Roads/Autoroutes

French Toll Roads/Autoroutes are quite common and unless you plan to stick to the country lanes you’re bound to come across a toll road. Find out some information on the toll roads and how and when to pay for them.

Sanef Tolling

Sanef tolling is a way to breeze through the toll system without having to worry about having money to hand. Find out more about the Tag system and how you can benefit from having one.

Please note that the information we feature is not exhaustive and will not cover everything you may need or want to know. We also try to keep our website up to date however if you spot something that’s wrong or something you feel should be here then please feel free to drop us and email.